About Airtech Cooling Services Ltd

Airtech was established in Liverpool in 1994 and offers complete air conditioning project management; from the initial design stage through to final testing and commissioning of your air conditioning system. We aim to add value to your business by providing heating and ventilation products, processes and services that allow you to increase the efficiency and quality of your business operations.

We work directly with the leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Unico and Airedale. These manufacturers provide the latest in technological advancements, so we can offer you the most energy-efficient air conditioning installation with the most up to date environmental protection.

About Airtech Cooling Services

Complete HVAC Services

Airtech is a mechanical services specialist, dealing in air conditioning design, installation, service and maintenance; as well as associated air conditioning services such as fresh air ventilation and environmental systems for commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Aitr Conditioning Cooling Systems
Air conditioning offers precise temperature control of space promoting comfort, health and productivity.
Heat Pump air conditioners offer an extremely efficient source of heating, contributing to achieving compliance with Part L Building Regulations.
Heat recovery ventilation systems, HRV, can be interfaced with an air conditioning system to provide filtered fresh air whilst recovering heat energy.
building cleansing systems
Modern air conditioning is an ideal way of enhancing the air quality inside any building, providing filtration and removal of dust and various pollutants.
We promote products and solutions that carefully consider the natural environment and offer the most up-to-date energy-efficient technology.
R32 Refrigerents
R32 Refrigerants
R32 is a more efficient, non-ozone depleting refrigerant intended to replace all R-410A refrigerant systems by 2030.
Airtech Approach

Airtech's Approach

Our service is focussed on real customer needs. We use and promote technologies that will deliver environmentally efficient solutions. Each of our installations conforms to the strictest standards within the HVAC industry, adhering to all current legislation and regulations.

In working closely with architects, building service engineers, civil engineers and equipment suppliers, Airtech is able to service a broad spectrum of applications. Being independent allows us to offer the best value and most environmentally efficient air conditioning design solution specific to project requirements.

We are committed to a policy of quality assurance throughout all activities. We strive to constantly improve our management systems and in doing so assure quality in all company disciplines.