Air Conditioning Partners and Suppliers

Partners and Suppliers

Airtech enjoy successful working relationships with a large number of ‘Bluechip’ companies as well as those in the public sector, such as hospitals, schools and government organisations.

Acting as a ‘Principal Contractor’, Airtech complies with current construction regulations in producing Health and Safety plans and certifying contractor competency.

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Mitsubishi Electric accredited Business Solutions Partner

Airtech is an accredited Mitsubishi ‘Business Solutions Partner’ and has met the highest possible standards in both equipment supply and workmanship.

In order to join the Partner Programme, our working processes, installation history, health and safety policy has been checked, verified and approved. All partners undergo annual reviews to ensure their services to meet the required standards.

We are proud to be an accredited partner and the close association it allows between our professional design and installation services and Mitsubishi’s advanced air conditioning products.

Mitsubishi Partner Programme