CLIENT: Full Office Refurbishment

RWE NPower Quayside House. Working under CDM Regulations and acting as Principal Contractor

Local Cooling Systems

Mitsubishi VRF Heating / Comfort Cooling

The Ground and First Floor office accommodation was provided with a new Mitsubishi R2 Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system providing heating and cooling to all areas complete with individual control of all units via a new Building Energy Management System (BEMS).  All cooling and heating units were either concealed ducted fan coil type located above the false ceiling or 4-way ceiling cassette type.  All units were installed with hard wired room sensors.  Condensing units serving the fan coil units were craned into position and located on a new steel framework on the existing Roof Top Plant Area. 

Ductwork Including Secondary Air Ducts, Grilles

Mechanical Fresh Air System to all areas

The existing Air Handling Unit and associated services were replaced by a number of Mitsubishi Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation Units providing fresh air to all areas.  All units were interfaced with the new Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling system via the new Building Energy Management System, BEMS Control System.

Building Energy Management System, BEMS Control System

A new standalone HVAC panel was provided including a Trend 963 BMS supervisor to control and interface all new and existing HVAC plant complete with fully functional graphics.

Existing Water Chiller

All refrigerant from the above system was recovered and a waste refrigerant transfer notes issued to the client.

Existing Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit Installation

Upon completion of the new installation, the redundant chiller was removed from site complete with all redundant Chilled Water Fan services.

Electrical Installation

A new mains electrical installation was provided, to incorporate all new plant.