CLIENT: Ground Source to Air Source

One Vision Housing, Atlantic Park. Atlantic House Office comprises three floors of Open Plan / Cellular Office space.  The building construction was completed ~ 5 years ago and the space was fully air conditioned with a Mitsubishi Ground Source VRF System c/w Mitsubishi Fresh Air Ventilation and Heat Pump Boiler.

Working under CDM Regulations and acting as Principal Contractor

The as installed condenser water system was leaking and the project scope was to replace all condensers with air sourced units together with general improvements and upgrades.

Project included:

  • Decommission and Strip out of Redundant Mitsubishi Water Cooled Condensers and Pipework;
  • Construction of new Condenser Compound including Concrete Base and Timber Screen Fence;
  • Installation of new Mitsubishi Air Cooled Condensers and Pipework;
  • Installation of additional Mitsubishi Ducted Fan Coils;
  • Installation of new Mitsubishi Heat Pump Boiler;
  • Installation of additional Mitsubishi Lossnay fresh air ventilation units;
  • Installation of new Electrical Services;
  • Installation of new Controls - including Trend BMS System;

Commissioning of Building Mechanical Services.