Stoke-on-Trent. Airtech won this full design and Build Project
Working under CDM Regulations and acting as Principal Contractor

Air Conditioning

Heating / Comfort Cooling was installed over two floors of open plan office space, complete with restaurant upgrade.  New Panasonic VRF 2-pipe and Daikin VRV 3-pipe systems, which had been recovered from a secondary site were utilised.

All cooling and heating were provided via concealed ducted fan coil units.  All fan coil units were connected to supply ceiling mounted swirl type diffusers via insulated ductwork.  Return air to the fan coil units was via perforated plate diffusers.  All indoor units incorporated room sensors.


Fresh air was provided by Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation units.  Each electric heating coil was controlled via a field wired duct mounted thermostat.  Fresh air and exhaust return air was via suitably sized local weather louvres mounted in the external façade.

Mechanical Fresh Air System Serving the Main Building

Existing Air Handling Units were refurbished on site. The existing chilled water coils were removed and replaced with New Heat Pump DX Coils c/w Daikin Remote Air Cooled Condensing Units.


A Trend 963 BMS supervisor was installed to control and interface all new, existing and recovered HVAC plant c/w fully functional graphics.