CLIENT: Bikram Studio Liverpool

Original 'Hot Yoga' of Bikram Choudhury. Airtech in collaboration with equipment / controls manufacturers, designed, installed and commissioned a full fresh air gas fired Air Handling system including new supply and extract ductwork; attenuation and a standalone Trend BMS Controls system.

Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Equipment Ltd in discussion with Airtech built the AHU, which was configured in the conventional manner and supplied in 6 sections for final assembly on site.

Control System

A new standalone Trend 1Q3 Control System complete with the following items was installed:

  1. Panel mounted IQVIEW Keypad to allow monitoring and control of the system
  2. Enable, fault and modulating controls to the Gas Fired Heater
  3. Inverters for the AHU Supply and Extract Fans
  4. Temperature Sensors in both studio and plant room

Extract Ventilation

Extract ventilation systems consisting of in line fan c/w speed controller, grilles, louvers and associated duct was installed throughout WC and shower rooms.