CLIENT: Ship Canal House, Manchester City Centre

Airtech were invited and subsequently won a competitively tendered design and build scheme, working in a Grade 2 listed building

The scheme had to be completed in three weeks, a major stipulation from the client, who imposed heavy penalties if the four-storey project was not completed on time.  Our installation team worked around the clock, 7 days a week in order to project manage and complete the in-house design and build scheme within schedule.

Air Conditioning

The Building was served by Mitsubishi Electric R2 Heat Recovery VRF systems consisting of above ceiling ducted fan coil units connected to floor mounted condensing units sited at first floor level.  The installed systems had been designed with diversity applied, ranging from 130% to 168% connected index.  Designing to such high diversity can cause potential under heating / cooling during high demand. 

Airtech carried out HEVACOMP calculations on which to base new equipment selections and allowed for reconfiguration of existing systems complete with installation of additional equipment proposed to suit new layouts on a floor by floor basis.   


The fresh air installation was reconfigured on a floor by floor basis with the addition of new plant. All systems were verified and rebalanced by an independent commissioning engineer.

Extract ventilation was installed in all areas consisting of inline fan and associated duct work and grilles.

New works, floors 1, 2 and 4 comprised

  • Installation of Kitchenette extraction across all floors
  • Provision of Fresh Air systems to meeting rooms from existing system across all floors
  • Relocation of existing A/C systems to serve new layouts across all floors
  • Installation of new Mitsubishi Electric 4-Way Cassette and Wall Mounted Power Inverter systems c/w individual control to serve new layouts across all floors
  • Installation of new Comms / IT cooling systems was achieved using Mitsubishi Power Inverter Wall Mounted Systems

New works, 3rd Floor comprised: The 3rd floor comprised 3no. Mitsubishi R2 Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems providing heating and cooling to all areas complete with individual control.  2no. Systems were reconfigured / added to, to suit layout and occupancy levels. The 3rd system required a complete new outdoor Condensing Unit to suit the additional load following reconfiguration and the addition of new indoor units.  All cooling and heating units were Concealed Ducted Fan Coil type.

Crane Hire/ Contract Lift: A full contract crane lift and road closure was carried out in accordance with BS7121 Part 1 Code of Practice for Safe Use of Cranes.


Local control was provided in all areas including the addition of new room sensors.