CLIENT: RWE Power International

Airtech's brief was to design, supply, install and commission replacement 'Close Control' Air Conditioning Systems to RWE’s main on-site Telecoms / Computer Rooms.

The rooms are ‘Business Critical’ and operational 24/7hrs and as such,  remained in use throughout the duration of the project. Installation works were completed without disruption.

Work comprised:

  • Decommissioning and removal from site existing ‘Wrights’ Close Control Air Conditioning Systems
  • Provision and installation of new Airedale Downflow Close Control Air Conditioning Systems
  • Provision of a new fabricated steel framework to support all external air-cooled condensers

The project was phased, with a total of 2 Telecoms and 2 Computer rooms being upgraded.

Close Control Air Conditioning

Airtech supplied, installed and commissioned 12no. Airedale DF55 Downflow Close Control air conditioning systems, each providing a temperature range of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius.  The total cooling duty provided was 720kW.

Due to limited access, all indoor units were built on-site.

The external air cooled condensers were craned into position and located on a new fabricated steel framework on the existing Roof Top Plant Area. 

Fire Detection / Suppression System

A fire detection / suppression system was installed and is capable of manual or automatic operation depending on the mode selected.  An adjustable pre-discharge delay is provided to allow for evacuation of the protected area prior to actual release of the Fire Suppression agent. 

Switches are provided at the control unit to enable the automatic features of the systems to be locked-off or charged to manual only, whilst personnel are working within the protected areas. 

Fire detectors are interconnected in separate zones or circuits by low voltage electrical cables, terminating at the integrated Fire detection and Suppression control panel.

Building Energy Management System, BEMS Control System

All units were interfaced via a new Building Energy Management System, BEMS Control System.

A new standalone HVAC panel was provided including a Trend 963 BMS supervisor to control and interface all new and existing HVAC plant complete with fully functional graphics.