CLIENT: Classic Homes, Hale, Cheshire

Airtech's brief was to design, supply, install and commission a full air conditioning system to service a new build three storey detached residential property.

The client requested a system that would "not be seen or heard".

Airtech in partnership with ‘Unico System International’ designed (using calculations compiled with Unico proprietary software) and installed a ‘High Velocity Heat Pump Ventilation System’, complete with Daikin Remote Air Cooled Condensing Units providing heating and cooling throughout the dwelling.

Unico System International Comfort Cooling Air Conditioning

We supplied, installed and commissioned a combined heating, air conditioning and ventilation system as manufactured by Unico System International. This is a high end system providing superior indoor comfort while preserving building aesthetics.

The system consisted of 4no. Modular Air Handling Units positioned on each floor at high level within the ceiling voids of the property serving main duct work and a series of supply air outlets positioned to suit the internal layout and served by flexible supply tubing routed through, in and around the building structure eliminating the need for unsightly metal ducts or wall hung split systems.

Each floor was split into zones controlled using electronic room thermostats and motorised dampers. The system is a reverse cycle heat pump providing warm air during the winter and Daikin DX cooling units providing cool air in the summer.


Hard-wired Unico controllers were installed within each area, providing the facility for temperature set point, fan speed adjustment, operation mode and fault status.