CLIENT: Living Ventures Restaurants Ltd,

Airtech designed, as directed by the client, installed and commissioned, in accordance with Best Practice and all relevant British Standards (DW172 & DW142),  restaurant mechanical ventilation and kitchen supply and extract systems, including canopies and associated controls.

Fresh Air Ventilation, Bar Area

A fresh air ventilation system was installed providing a minimum of 10 litres per second of fresh air per person. The system consisted of supply and extract air handling units, AHU’s, mounted internally above the Mezzanine level on a purpose made plant deck.

Fresh air is drawn into the Supply AHU via an existing weather louver before entering the Bar Area and distributed via a range of galvanised sheet metal duct work and double deflection grilles complete with volume control dampers.

The stale air is extracted at high level via a duct mounted extract grille complete with volume control damper located within the Bar Area ceiling void.

Toilet Extract

A toilet extract system was installed providing an extraction rate of 10 air changes / hr. The system consists of an in line Acoustic Extract Fan and associated duct work and grilles.

Extracted air is taken via a range of duct work and grilles; the main duct work running to the existing weather louver after serving M/F/DS toilets. Make up air is via door transfer grilles. 

Kitchen Ventilation

A Kitchen ventilation system was installed providing supply and extract air via a bespoke stainless steel canopy. The system consists of a roof mounted bifurcated extract unit located on the roof plant area and a supply air handling unit mounted internally on the purpose made plant deck.

Fresh air is drawn into the Supply AHU via an existing weather louver, passing across a filter section before entering the Kitchen Area and distributed via double deflection grilles mounted on the face of the canopy complete with volume control dampers.

Extracted air is via a purpose built stainless steel canopy running along the cooking line. Fire rated duct work runs through the ceiling void to the designated service riser. The duct work exits the building onto the roof plant area and connects on to a floor mounted bifurcated extract unit.

The new Kitchen Ventilation System is complete with its own external control panel. The control panel controls both fan units and provides the following functions:

  • Remote current monitoring for gas shut down in the event of fan failure
  • Fan speed control
  • Remote emergency stop

The unit enables the user to start, stop and control the speed of the two fans directly with fan power monitoring and over current protection of each fan unit.