CLIENT: Alternative Futures Group, Abbey Court Independent Hospital

The works comprised the Mechanical Services Upgrade Installation within Abbey Court IH, Warrington.


Additional Mitsubishi VRF Heating / Comfort Cooling to Ground Floor Offices
The Ground Floor office accommodation was provided with new Mitsubishi Wall Mounted Units, complete with PAR31MAA hard wired controllers, coupled to the existing Mitsubishi VRF system providing heating and cooling.

A new Mitsubishi AG150A-J Centralised Controller has been fitted, allowing control of new and existing fan coil units. The controller is situated within the mains electrical cupboard.


Kitchen Extract
A new inline Electric Heater Battery complete with matching controls, including 3Ph Thyristor, Dust Stat, Wall Stat and Temperature Controller was installed c/w controls.

An independent time controller was installed within the main kitchen, which was programmed to allow operation and also to allow set-point adjustment. The time controller also acts as a room stat for monitoring the temperature within the desired space; A small enclosure was mounted to houses the thyristor, which controls the Heater Battery based on the information coming back from the controller; The thyristor was wired to the Heater Battery and also to a high limit stat, which informs and shut down the Heater Battery once a limit has been reached.

Central / Dry Store Extract
Vent Axia ceiling and wall mounted type extract fans, were installed, complete with supply air ductwork connected to soffit mounted weather louvres. Control was via wall mounted thermostats.

Laundry Ventilation
Vent Axia wall mounted fans, TX9WL, were installed complete with Vent-Axia room controllers.


New electrical feeds from local distribution boards were installed to serve:

  • Vent Axia Fans
  • Thermostats 
  • Heater Battery
  • New Mitsubishi Wall Mount Units.