Air Conditioning, cooling, ventilation and heating projects

Airtech is an experienced air conditioning design and installation company and hold Accredited Installer Status with several leading manufacturers. Our engineers are trained regularly and kept up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment for air conditioning installation.

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Application Experience

Our air conditioning installation expertise encompasses all sectors: industrial, commercial, health, education, food and leisure, residential and close control.


Split and multi-split air conditioning systems provide precise yet efficient temperature control of space promoting comfort, health and productivity


Heat Pump air conditioners offer an extremely efficient source of heating, contributing towards achieving compliance with Part L Building Regulations

HVAC Installation Services


Heat recovery ventilation systems, HRV, can be interfaced with an air conditioning system to provide filtered fresh air whilst recovering heat energy

Water Chillers

Air cooled chillers are used commercially and industrially for comfort cooling in larger facilities such as hotels


Specifying Your Solution

We offer the best value and most environmentally efficient HVAC design solutions from a range of leading suppliers.

Split Air Conditioning Systems SINGLE ROOM APPLICATIONS split system air conditioning diagram
Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems MULTI-ROOM APPLICATIONS split system air conditioning diagram
VRF Air Conditioning Systems LARGE SCALE APPLICATIONS split system air conditioning diagram
Clean Room Systems PRECISION AIR CONDITIONING clean room system air conditioning diagram
Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLICATIONS heat recovery ventilation diagram
Chiller Systems LARGE SCALE APPLICATIONS split system air conditioning diagram
R32 Refrigerants

R32 Refrigerants and New F-Gas Regulations

Most modern air conditioning systems now use R32 refrigerants, a move away from R410A that reflects the introduction of new F-Gas Regulations. Driven be factors such as impact on the environment, energy efficiency and safety, R32 also offers around a 5% improvement in system efficiency over R410A.


The Airtech Approach


Our service is focussed on real customer needs. We use and promote technologies that will deliver environmentally efficient solutions. Each of our installations conforms to the strictest standards within the HVAC industry, adhering to all current legislation and regulations.

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Our Solutions

Complete air conditioning solutions for both large-scale and small M+E projects

Our Services

We provide complete HVAC design, installation and maintenance services

Sectors Served

Airtech engineering teams work across commercial, industrial and residential sectors