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Air Source and Water-Cooled Chillers

With an impetus on energy efficiency and carbon reduction to meet new building and environmental standards, Chiller systems have once again become a popular choice for specifiers. Modern chiller systems offer a scaleable, low-carbon solution for delivering controlled cooling to large buildings, such as multi–function buildings, shopping centres and large business centres. Our chiller solutions are specified to balance the requirement for cost-effective comfort cooling with the need to comply with carbon reduction legislation.

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Types of Chiller Systems

We specify both modern modular and the new generation of traditional chiller systems that comprise cooling only and heat-pump models, designed for a wide-range of comfort and process cooling applications.

Modular Systems

Scaleable Solutions

Numerous individual modules can be connected together to provide a wide range of system capacities.

Reduced Plant Space

Each module can be positioned in a row or bank of multiple units that utilise the same internal header, making installation and scaling easier and reducing overall plant space.

High Efficiency

Modular chiller systems utilise efficient compressor technology and advanced inverters and controls to deliver improved efficiency across a wide operating range.

Types Of Chillers

Traditional + Hybrid

Flexible Applications

Traditional systems can be upgraded or new systems easily integrated into existing complex building systems to provide compliant and cost-effective comfort and process cooling solutions.

Emissions Compliance

We only specify solutions that comply with the latest EU emissions and building regulations, therefore ensuring high efficiency, low noise and improved performance and reliability.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid chiller heat pump and heat recovery systems balance simultaneous cooling and heating demands, optimising total energy use to deliver maximum efficiency and occupant comfort.

The Benefits of Chiller Systems

Chiller systems can offer a more energy efficient option than Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems for cooling large spaces such as industrial facilities and have the capacity to pump water efficiently over long distances, such as across a university campus.

Reduced Costs
Chillers circulate water rather than constantly drawing outside water, saving money on utility bills for water and sewer. Water chillers are also more effective than water towers.
High Cooling Output
A Chiller system can provide powerful cooling levels at low cost, making them ideal for large industrial spaces that other HVAC solutions would struggle or prove costly to operate.
Smart Features
Easier to Maintain
As refrigerants are only used in the external units with water circulating around the building, Chillers can be easier to maintain and cause less operational interruptions.

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