Air Conditioning Control Solutions

Air Conditioning Control Systems

Monitoring and optimising the performance of any air conditioning, heating or ventilation system is the best way to reduce overall running costs and increase the speed of return on investment. We specify control systems from leading manufacturers that offer a wide range of features to suit the building and performance requirements of both new and existing systems.

Types of Control Systems

Control System Options

Whether controlling HVAC systems centrally or via a remote interface, our intelligent control solutions offer real-time optimisation to get the most efficient use of the system and deliver reduced lifecycle costs.

Central Controllers

Centralised controllers enable monitoring and control of systems, most often via easy-to-use LED interfaces. With access to current and historical system data, long-term performance trends can be analysed, and the system settings configured to provide the most efficient heating, cooling or ventilation at any given time of the day, month or year.

Remote Controllers

We supply a wide range of remote-control units from the leading manufactures for controlling individual or multiple air conditioning and ventilation components. From hand-held domestic single unit controllers through advanced multi-room interfaces, we have a wide range of options to suit the system requirements.

Types Of HVAC Control Systems

BEMS Integration

The leading manufactures, such as Mitsubishi, Daikin and Airedale, have developed control systems that integrate a wide range of BEMS interfaces. These types of control system provide a range of tools that optimise building services across a multitude of platforms and components for comprehensive system analysis, reporting and diagnostics.

Smart Controllers

A wide range of interfaces and apps allow third party equipment, such as smart phones, to take complete control of a building climate from any location. For smart building management we provide solutions that interface with centralised controllers to monitor and control a HVAC system remotely.


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Our service is focussed on real customer needs. We use and promote technologies that will deliver environmentally efficient solutions. Each of our installations conforms to the strictest standards within the HVAC industry, adhering to all current legislation and regulations.

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