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Close control air conditioning systems have been developed specifically for environments where humidity, climate and air cleanliness control is required to be precise. This type of precision air conditioning is essential for areas of sensitive operation such as data centres and server environments, medical theatres and clean room laboratories.

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Precision Air Conditioning System Features

IT hardware produces an unusual, concentrated heat load and close control air conditioning systems typically have responsive microprocessor-based controls necessary to monitor and react to changing conditions.

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Precise Control

Close control systems usually include multiple stages of cooling, heating and dehumidification, allowing precise temperature and humidity control.

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R32 Refrigerents

Modern close control systems utilise low GWP (Global Warming Potential) R32 refrigerant, whether using an air or water-cooled refrigeration system.

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Space in data centres, computer rooms and telephone exchanges is always at a premium. Modern indoor units are designed with a small footprint.

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wired and wireless control

Invertor Technology

New inverter technology offers more accurate temperature and humidity control, better power supply and process reliability, along with energy savings.

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24/7 365 DAYS

High reliability close control air conditioning solutions ensure a stable environment and 24/7 availability and redundancy for year-round operation.

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Remote Management

Remote control is easier than ever before via smartphone, desktop and tablet apps that can integrate with building management systems.


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