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Heat pump technology provides a renewable, low carbon alternative to traditional heating systems whether heating a home, office or industrial building. Air source heat pumps can be used as a standalone solution or integrate with existing heating systems to help dramatically reduce energy bills and the carbon footprint of your home or business.

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How Heat Pump Technology Works

Heat pump air conditioners offer an extremely efficient source of heating, contributing towards achieving compliance with Part L and Part F of Building Regulations.


Outdoor Units

Powered by an outdoor unit connected to the water supply, heat pump technology converts heat energy from the air and transfers it to the building to provide hot water and heating.

Hot Water Cylinders

A continuous supply of hot water is guaranteed with a dedicated hot water cylinder designed to work with the outdoor unit and integrate with conventional heating systems where required.

Intelligent Control

For maximum efficiencies, system settings and performance can be managed and monitored at all times with web-enabled apps that work across multiple devices.

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Modular Systems

Modern heat pump systems are modular and can be operated singularly or form part of a multiple unit system that turns available units on and off to meet the building load.

Water Heating

Hot water can be either be solely provided by a high temperature heat pump, or the heat pump can work as part of the existing water heating system for improved energy efficiency.

Renewable energy

We specify modern solutions from the leading manufacturers that can significantly increase your energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Benefits of Using Heat Pumps

A heat pump system can be 200% – 400% more efficient that a conventional heating system, meaning significantly lower operational costs and a reduction in your carbon emissions. Please get in touch for advice on the best heat pump solutions from leading manufactures

Energy Efficiency
Heat pumps use an average of less than one kilowatt of electricity to achieve 2.5Kw of heating power.
Return on Investment
The investment costs of a new energy-efficient system can be quickly offset by the costs savings on energy bills.
Carbon Reduction
Carbon Reduction
Without using combustion to generate heat there are no carbon emissions other than at the point of the electricity’s production.

Heating Case Studies

CLIENT: Ground Source to Air Source

One Vision Housing, Atlantic Park. Atlantic House Office comprises three floors of Open Plan / Cellular Office space.  The building construction was completed ~ 5 years ago and the space was fully air conditioned with a Mitsubishi Ground Source VRF System c/w Mitsubishi Fresh Air Ventilation and Heat Pump Boiler.

CLIENT: RWE Npower, Kingswinford

Airtech won this full design and Build Project

Working under CDM Regulations

CLIENT: Spring Bank House, Mott MacDonald

Airtech supplied, installed and commissioned a Daikin 3-Pipe VRF Heating / Comfort Cooling System c/w Fresh Air Ventilation over 4 floors of Office space.


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Our service is focussed on real customer needs. We use and promote technologies that will deliver environmentally efficient solutions. Each of our installations conforms to the strictest standards within the HVAC industry, adhering to all current legislation and regulations.

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Case Studies

We provide complete HVAC design, installation and maintenance services